2-tier ceiling lamp, MiniLux

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2-tier ceiling lamp, MiniLux

item number 25340

Sorry, the item is currently sold out and only available again in mid April 2017!

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2-tier ceiling lamp for shop counter, MiniLux series

Our Minis are really something special, made from brass, gold-plated and all that at a price which will make your eyes light up.

Small and intricate detail:

MiniLux lamps are designed for 12 volts AC. The power consumption of a single bulb is 50 mA. The cable has a length of 50 cm.

The light bulbs (round or candle-shaped)
of our MiniLux lamps can be replaced.

Most lampshades of our MiniLux series are made of glass and with a screw thread, so that they can be replaced.

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