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Experience for yourself the fascination of a unique model building and collecting idea.

For over 40 years, MINI MUNDUS has been manufacturing and supplying precise and detailed wooden construction kits, ready-made furniture and an extensive range of valuable accessories, bringing back to you the wonderful style periods of Biedermeier, Chippendale, Queen-Anne and Victorian times in 1:12 scale, in addition to modern miniature furniture.

MINI MUNDUS - "Small World" - is the name of our hobby assortment with over 650 products, including 50 modern ready-made furniture, 70 miniature furniture kits, dollhouses, real wood floors, wallpaper, lamps, electrics and the most beautiful miniatures; all in 1:12 scale.

Even if you think you are clumsy, assembling the dollhouse kits prefabricated with window, door cut-outs, grooves and cable ducts and our detailed furniture kits made of accurately fitting wooden parts - with fittings made of gilded brass, movable doors and drawers - with the help of the very detailed, individual building instructions - is easily possible even for the inexperienced.

Every hobbyist and collector can design his own dream house, decorate it and furnish it completely according to his taste with the furniture reproductions of past style epochs. In addition, there are all the scale accessories needed to furnish the miniature houses and historical doll's houses, such as wallpaper in the correct style and scale, woven oriental silk carpets, real wood doors and windows, open fireplaces, staircases with banisters, parquet floors, roof shingles and clinker bricks, and even miniature electric lamps and gold-plated chandeliers. Everything that belongs to a dream house "en miniature". Thus, everyone can give free rein to his imagination, and eventually it will seem to him as if he owned all these little things in the original.

This hobby can be done in the smallest possible space, and it does not make dirt or noise. A tinkering process is completed in a short time. One enjoys the result and turns to the next piece. And the passion for collecting is already awakened.

MINI MUNDUS - an exciting hobby for the whole family that never gets boring.

All MINI MUNDUS items are available in our online store as well as in model or craft stores. You can obtain the detailed color catalog under item no. 99900 here in our online store, in specialized stores or at the cash desk of the Hessian Doll Museum in Hanau-Wilhelmsbad, where, in addition to many other MINI MUNDUS houses and dioramas, you can also see the "largest miniature department store in the world" built and lovingly furnished by MINI MUNDUS.

We are delighted that you have discovered MINI MUNDUS for yourself and hope you enjoy your shopping trip through our big little world.



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