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House construction - Villa Tara (90250)

The MDF panel construction kit for the "Villa Tara"

The MDF panel construction kit (90250) contains all the wood blanks for walls, floors, and roof sections made from MDF material (medium density fiberboard) for building the "Villa Tara". The panels already include all sections for windows, doors, and stairs for the associated building elements set (90220). In addition, all the grooves for the walls and for the separately available cable ducts (22220) have already been milled into the MDF panels. This means no more sawing is required!

The panels only need to be glued into the designated grooves, so no nails or screws are needed either.

With the extensively illustrated manual and the expander (= rubber cord) included with the kit, it's also as easy as pie to construct the "Villa Tara" alone and without a "helping hand":

House measurements:
width 115 cm x height 107 cm x depth 38 cm


The construction elements required for finishing the "Villa Tara" are contained in building elements set item no. 90220

Small and fine detail:
MDF (medium density fiberboard) panels consists of fine natural wooden fibers and adhesive resin which are compressed to form a homogeneous, hard board material. MDF has an extremely smooth surface, doesn't chip and is absolutely dimensionally stable. We selected MDF for our house construction kits and our module box because it is better to work than natural wood panels, allowing essentially better precision with respect to the grooves and sections.

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