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item no. 10000

Gift voucher from 15 to 250 euros

Voucher to print:
After printing the voucher, fold the sheet lengthwise, then again in the middle. So you get a very nice gift card, with the selected motif on the front.
Gift cards with voucher:
We send gift cards within 2 days from receipt of payment.
If you have selected "Voucher to print", you will receive an e-mail with the activated voucher for self-printing after payment receipt - workdays within 24 hours.
Gift cards will be dispatched within 2 days from receipt of payment.

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Product variations

product description

Gift voucher from 15 to 250 euros
Gift ideas made easy with the Mini Mundus voucher:
Do not worry, we do not have a minimum order value.
And the Mini Mundus voucher is valid for a maximum of 3 years or until the value of the voucher is exhausted.
Vouchers can not be exchanged for cash and residual values are not refundable.
The use of the payment methods "SEPA direct debit" and "purchase on account" are unfortunately not possible with the purchase of vouchers.
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