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Dolls Houses for Kids

The kids love it and our collectors love it anyway :-)

Villa Blanca - House with roof terrace

The ideal doll's house for your children and grandchildren. The wood fibre boards (MDF) are coated white on both sides. Two windows, two doors, the staircase, a roof hatch and white strips for covering the front sides of the MDF panels are included in the scope of delivery. Equipped with our beautiful ready-made furniture, it doesn't take much effort: Playin can begin!

In the well-known Mini Mundus tradition the Villa Blanca is to built easy and fast:
The MDF boards are only inserted into the prepared grooves and glued together with the supplied wood glue: Done!

Recommended age: 4 years up to 99 years. Furniture kits: from age of 14 years.
Not suitable for children under 3 years. Swallowable small parts.

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