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Square Basket parquet - laser print on wood

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The square basket parquet - laser print on wood - is unfortunately sold out and no longer produced.

The alternative:
Real wood panel parquet # 70710 and # 70715.

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product description

Square Basket parquet - laser print on wood

The package is sufficient for a small room, for the hallway or for a staircase. For a large room (module box or living room), three or more packs are needed, depending on the type of laying.

Dimensions and measurements:
15 boards each 33 x 99 x 1,8 mm
for an area of 165 x 297 mm
Number of packages for a room of 50 x 30 cm (module box):
Horizontal laying: 3 packs
Diagonal laying: 4 packs

When laying the parquet horizontally in the module box, a lateral distance of 2.5 mm from the walls must be maintained. This distance can later be covered with a skirting board (# 70511), as only an area of 49.5 x 29.7 cm is achieved with 3 packs.

The board parquet is very easy to cut and process, so that you can lay any pattern you can imagine without any problems. Even if the effort and consumption for a diagonally laid pattern is higher, you will enjoy your successful work and the very attractive looking parquet pattern for years to come.

Surface treatment:
Since this high-quality parquet is made of laser-printed natural wood panels with a very smooth surface, there is no need to sand the finished panel parquet! The parquet floor can be sealed directly with clear lacquer (43007).

Alternatively, you can also coat the parquet with our clear liquid wax (43010). The effort involved is very manageable in this case, as the processing is very simple. This gives the wood a very natural and beautiful silky shine.

You will see that the processing, laying and surface treatment is easy to realise: you will be delighted with your beautiful parquet flooring for years to come.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to write to us (

We will be happy to help you!
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