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Distributor plate

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The distributor plate is equipped with a LED for short-circuit display and a 3.15 A micro fuse (#22110).

Special connection terminals can be used to connect 6 indirect lighting bars #20600 (2 x 250 mA) or up to 60 lamp bulbs (each 50 mA).

In order to achieve a clear installation, you should install a distributor plate per floor, preferably at the rear wall of the house.

The cross-section of the connection cable supplied is designed for max. 3.15 amps. If several distribution plates are not connected directly to the transformer but are connected consecutively in a chain, a connection cable with a larger cross-section is required. Up to 5 amperes a cross-section of 0.25 mm², up to 10 amperes a cross-section of at least 0.5 mm² must be provided.

11.0 x 6. x 2.0 cm (LxWxH)

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