Loyalty points

In our shop, you receive loyalty points with every order, depending on the value of the order.
You can redeem the loyalty points for later orders and thus save money.

Requirements for receiving loyalty points
You can collect loyalty points if you have a customer account and are logged in.
You will not receive any loyalty points for orders placed as a guest.

Marketing promotions
Within the framework of announced marketing promotions, you will receive x times the number of loyalty points mentioned below for the purchase and evaluation of products for a limited period of time.

You will receive loyalty points in our shop for the following actions:

1. for a purchase:
For every euro spent, you will receive 5 loyalty points, which you can redeem as a discount on your next orders. You will not receive any loyalty points on shipping costs.


      10 EUR spent =       50 loyalty points
      50 EUR spent =     250 loyalty points
    100 EUR spent =     500 loyalty points
    300 EUR spent =  1,500 loyalty points

2. for product reviews:
You will receive 100 loyalty points for each product review.

Loyalty points are only activated after the Mini Mundus team has approved the review, therefore reviews are not immediately visible in the article. This precaution is unfortunately necessary so that loyalty points are only activated for real reviews; not, however, for meaningless content, such as "abcdefeg..." or repeatedly copied and thus identical review texts for different products.

Redeeming loyalty points

Your loyalty points are worth cash. Loyalty points are activated after you have paid for your purchase and can then be redeemed immediately when you place your next order. If you cancel your order, the loyalty points will also be cancelled.

If loyalty points are not redeemed, they expire after one year.

Conversion rate:
1,000 loyalty points = 5.00 EUR

As soon as you have accumulated at least 500 points, you can redeem all or only some of your collected loyalty points with your next order.

If you have collected 1,000 loyalty points, you can redeem them in the shopping basket and receive a EUR 5.00 discount.

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