Vario Modul Floors

The perfect addition to your dollhouse!

VARIO MODULE FLOORS - three variants, one concept.

The Vario Modul floor can be ordered in three different sizes; matching the Villa Tara (90250), the large townhouse (90350) as well as the wall house (90550).

You decide yourself about the room layout, as all partition walls can be freely positioned in the room. Let your creativity run wild :-)

The Vario Module House:
In addition, the Vario Modul Floor can of course also be constructed and furnished as an independent room, e.g. as a classroom, concert hall, as a shopfloor or as a multi-storey house consisting of several Vario Modul Floors 90260, 90360 or 90560.
The perfect combination: The Vario Modul Floor 90560, which is identical in width but 10 cm shorter, can be perfectly combined as an upper floor with the Vario Modul Floor 90260 as a first floor. The result is a Vario Modul house - with an additional balcony, see picture.


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