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Miniature Houses / Dolls Houses

Construction sets for miniature houses - it is so easy!

Who hasn't dreamed of a home in happiness? Of happiness in the home?

Be your own architect and builder – Creativity and handicraft skills no know bounds! If you enjoy detail, you are right on target for your own dream house. Regardless of weather, without any obstacles and affordable, Villa Tara or the big townhouse – that is now the question!

The items having the designation "Building component sets"  (90220, 90320, 90520) exclusively include building components (doors, windows, stairs, etc.), but not the MDF wood sections for house construction.

The ready-to-use pre-cut MDF panels (pulpwood panels) for walls and floors, which are prepared by us for assembly without tools, drilling, screwing or doweling are available under the item numbers 90250, 90350 and 90550. Comprehensive and extensively illustrated building instructions are included for this.

Even beginners can use the pre-sized MDF panel sets to build our miniature houses.

The illustrated rubber cord (Expander) is included with our house construction kits - and thus replaces the "third hand", so in other words, you can easily even build your dream house all by yourself.


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