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Doll's house kit - Furnishing examples

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The furnishing examples are also perfect for any other house and the Modul-Box.
In our "Mini-Catalogue" we present 14 rooms and their extensive furnishings on twelve colour pages.
All rooms were lovingly furnished with an eye for detail by our modeling team and staged with the most beautiful MiniLux lamps.
Online catalogue to browse through:

The catalogue to browse through - It's that simple:
  • Full screen:  Click in the middle of the catalogue.
  • Browse through:  "<" Page back or to the next page ">"
  • Click on the item numbers => Straight to the product!
  • Zoom:  Click on "+" or "-" at the bottom right.
  • Exit full-screen:
    Click on Exit "[  ]" at the bottom right.
Have fun!
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