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Brass miniatures

Exquisite miniatures and precious accessories

With our miniatures and the numerous accessories you can create a small world,... [more]
MiniLux LED lamps

Minilux LED battery lights - The perfect solution for the Modul-Box

Our MiniLux LED battery lamps are really something special, made from brass,... [more]
Furniture store

A very special furniture store

Wander through the various departments of our very special furniture store and... [more]

Chippendale - English period furniture of the 18th century

If you would like to know exactly:The 18th century was the golden age of the... [more]
Period furniture construction kits

Stylish period furniture construction kits

Now you can get started!The enthused miniature hobbyist is already getting itchy... [more]

Biedermeier - The epitome of perfect home decor

Biedermeier: an old stylistic convention that's far from... [more]
Rich in ideas

A romantic café, a mom-and-pop shop or a courtyard pharmacy from the year 1800?

Who will win your heart and receive the cherished rental agreement for your... [more]
Modeling agency

Exclusive porcelain dolls with charm and enchanting charisma.

One beauty after the next: The MINI MUNDUS modeling agency only hires friendly... [more]
Complete set - Great Grandma's old kitchen

Comfort is hospitality - Complete set - Great Grandma's old kitchen

The coffee is ready! Dear grandma has once again done everything to make us feel... [more]
From the module box to the dream house

Modular - from room to dream house - with front glass panels

MDF construction kit for a MODULE BOX with FRONT PANEFor all those who would... [more]
Construction sets for miniature houses

Construction sets for miniature houses - it is so easy!

Who hasn't dreamed of a home in happiness? Of happiness in the home?A dream... [more]
House construction - Townhouse

The MDF panel construction kit for the Large Townhouse with folding roof

The construction kit (90350) contains all wood blanks for the walls and floors... [more]

Doors - Diversity knows no limits

Come in! Diversity knows no limits and just think about it: The door is your... [more]
Gold plated brass fittings

Gold plated brass fittings

Oh, how beautiful is that then? What would a historic door be without a gold... [more]
Windows and window accessories

A window selection to be proud of

Just between us: we see an impressive window selection here!Unbelievable but... [more]
Electrical department

Put your creation in the right perspective!

Yes, the good ol' days – by candle light and a fire burning on the hearth –... [more]
MiniLux lamp series

Aren't they just lovely, our MiniLux lamps!

Our Minis are really something special, made from brass, gold-plated and all... [more]
Mini Mundus in the Hessian Doll Museum

The world's largest miniature department store - Built by MINI MUNDUS

Fantastic and unbelievable! With a length of 3.30 m and a width of 1.20 m, the... [more]

Welcome to the new Mini Mundus Online Shop!

For more than 35 years now MINI MUNDUS, one of the world's leading manufacturers of miniature furniture construction kits, has been providing precise and true-to-detail wooden self-assembly kits, finished furniture, true-to-scale miniature dolls houses and a comprehensive range of valuable accessories, transporting you back to the wonderful eras of Biedermeier, Chippendale, Queen Anne and Victorian style at a 1:12 scale.

MINI MUNDUS – "Small World" – is the name of a hobby range available to you with over 500 products and over 75 miniature self-assembly kits. Even if you have little faith in your craft skills, assembling the small treasures from precisely fitting wooden parts – with real brass mountings and moveable doors and drawers – will be easy as pie with the help of the very detailed individual assembly instructions, even for beginners.

We are delighted about your discovery of MINI MUNDUS and hope you enjoy your shopping tour through our large small world ...

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