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How it all began..

In 1979 Brigitte and Klaus Reiser founded the company Mini Mundus, with the aim of reproducing old doll's houses and dolls' houses
with the means of today and to convey this beautiful hobby to as many people as possible.

Previously, Klaus Reiser had sold his optics company for projectors.
During a family vacation in the USA he discovered the world of miniatures in 1:12 scale and the idea was born,
to bring this doll's house hobby for adults to Germany.

At first, the Mini Mundus company took over the general agency in Europe for various American companies, with whom joint projects were developed.
When some of the companies were sold, the common ways began to separate, whereupon Mini Mundus started its own production.
Most of the miniatures on the market up to that time were intended for the American market. However, this changed with Mini Mundus, as we began to design new miniatures for German and European tastes. Among other things, this resulted in a complete Biedermeier furniture series.

To illustrate all of this, Brigitte Reiser designed many different doll stores, such as the hat salon, the café, the flower store and many more.
She completely furnished the miniature houses and her creations got a place in several museums at home and abroad.
The most significant and beautiful of her objects is a miniature department store with 17 sales departments and 16 shop windows ("The largest miniature department store in the world").
Today it is on permanent loan to the Hessian Doll Museum in Hanau Wilhelmsbad.

In 1993, the son Frank joined the company and developed a new lamp series as well as a patented electrical system for the small houses.
Mini Mundus pursued a specific idea from the very beginning: The entire assortment should include everything needed to build and furnish an antique miniature house, and specialized stores should be established to carry this assortment year-round. This was to enable the miniaturist to purchase all the parts he needed in his specialty store without having to run from trade show to trade show. All articles should be of high quality and spare parts should be available immediately.
Many specialty stores in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, the Netherlands and Spain introduced the Mini Mundus program.

Several types of houses were constructed, where the focus was not on the facade, but on the furnishing of the individual rooms. In the style of the antique furnished doll's houses, the Great Town House as well as the Villa Tara were also created in this way.

In 2013 Peter Bohn joined the company and has since taken over the management of Mini Mundus.

Today, a few years later, Klaus Reiser is still active at Mini Mundus at the age of 87.

von links nach rechts: Frank Reiser, Brigitte Reiser, Klaus Reiser und Peter Bohn

(from left to right: Frank Reiser, Brigitte Reiser, Klaus Reiser und Peter Bohn)


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