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40 ml in metal can.
Our high quality patina is perfectly matched to the fine wooden surface of our furniture kits.
Please note our instructions for a professional surface treatment in the following product description, which you can reach by clicking on "learn more".

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Our high quality patina is perfectly matched to the fine wooden surface of our furniture kits.
40 ml in metal can.
The professional surface treatment
Especially the Patinier technique clearly shows the big difference between ordinary (bought ready) doll furniture and the authentic miniature replicas of Mini Mundus in museum quality.
If our small reproductions are to be as similar as possible to the original, the professional method with several operations, as used by carpenters and restorers of old furniture, is the best.
Preparation of the piece of furniture:
In order to achieve an authentic appearance of your furniture, it is good to understand how the "patina" was created on the old pieces of furniture. For several hundred years, soot, dust and dirt particles have stuck to the surface of the furniture. Although the cleaning and use of the furniture constantly polished the large areas of the furniture, dirt collected in hard-to-reach places such as corners, cracks, recesses in carvings and on the edges of fittings. Particularly polished and thus lighter were areas that came into constant contact with clothing, e.g. the front edges of a drawer, a worktop on a secretary's desk or the seat of a chair.
This aging process should now be imitated with our special matt patina.
Before applying the patina, either paint the furniture with one of our special varnishes or use our selection of solvent-free liquid waxes consisting of the natural products linseed oil, beeswax and caranuba wax.
If you have opted for a liquid wax, the coloured wax should dry for at least 12 hours before you seal the wax layer with clear varnish (43007).
Apply the patina:
Use a soft brush or sponge to spread the patina over the entire surface of the piece of furniture. It does not matter how thick or even the patina is applied. The patina does not penetrate into the wood surface and can easily be wiped off again due to the preceding clear varnish sealing or the use of glaze varnish. After a drying time of about 5 minutes the patina should be wiped off, preferably with a fine cotton cloth or cotton bale. With the cloth or bale, the patina is completely rubbed off again in some places, only partially in other places and not at all in corners and depressions. This creates an "antique wooden surface" of the piece of furniture. Pay attention to soft transitions
The patina requires a drying time of about 6-8 hours.
Clear varnish layer:
For final sealing, clear varnish (43007) is applied. If you want your furniture to have a high gloss finish, you should apply several coats of clear lacquer. After drying, sand the furniture with 600 grit sandpaper to a high gloss between each coat.
You will get a very attractive matt-finished surface of the piece of furniture if you do without the clear lacquer layer and instead seal the surface with clear liquid wax (43010).
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